Biology Ch 2

Question Answer
Property a quality that describes an object
organism a living thing that can carry out all the basic life activities
biology the study of living things
kingdom one of the five groups into which living things are classified
algae protists that make their own food and usually live in water
microorganism an organism that is too small to be seen without a microscope
protist an organism that usually is one-celled and has plant-like or animal-like properties
protozoan a protist that has animal-like qualities
cilia hair-like structures that help some one-celled organisms move
decompose to break down or decay matter into simpler substances
flagella whip-like tails that help some one-celled organisms move. Singular is flagellum.
fungus an organism that usually has many cells and decomposes material for its food
parasite an organism that absorbs food from a living organism and harms it
pseudopod part of some one-celled organisms that sticks out like a foot to move cell along
moneran an organism that is one-celled and does not have organelles