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John Smith, Pocahontas, and tobacco saved the colony. Virgina
It had expanded Trade Virgina
Cattle and grain, TOBACCO, fishing and whaling. Virgina
Government was a major problem. Virgina
There leaders were aristocrats so very rich. Carolina's
-Profit from selling and trade was the reason why it was founded. Carolina's
-Fur trapping, cattle and grain, tobacco, rice and indigo, lumber and timber were what they had to sell and trade in the colonies. Carolina's
-They had proprietary rule. Carolina's
-They were a royal colony but still looked after the wealthy people. Carolina's
-They were divided into precincts. Carolina's
-They had naval stores and Indigo. Carolina's
-There leader was Cecil Calvert. Maryland
-Important people in the colony are George Calvert known as lord Baltimore. Maryland
-They got a lot of profit from land and religious freedom and that is why it was founded. Maryland
-They went fishing and whaling for food and money and they sold tobacco (cash crop) Maryland
-They were a Roman Catholic colony. Maryland
-They were under proprietary rule. Maryland
-They had a toleration act. Maryland
-There leader was named James Oglethorpe. Georgia
-It was founded for religious freedom, protection against Spanish Florida, and it was founded for home of the debtors. Georgia
-They sold rice and indigo to sell and trade to the other colonies. Georgia
-They accepted all religions except for all Catholics. Georgia
-The trustees made the laws. Georgia
-They had prohibition of slavery. Georgia
-They also could have alcohol. Georgia