Question Answer
the basic unit of structure and function in all living things is __ the cell
when malignant cells change they become like parent cells they are not differentiated
vocab: recognizable as being the same in size or shape as normal cells differentiated
these cells reproduce in an unrestricted and disorderly manner cancer cells
hypertrphy, hyperplasia,metaplasia,dysplasia four common non neopplastic conditins that may perceve cancer
"without form" and is an irreversible change in which the structures of adult cells regress to more primitive levels anaplasia
vocab: a group of cells whose growth is uncontrolled or abnormal neoplasm
nonmalignant ,nonrecurrent,not progressive benign neoplasm
vocab: abnormal cell growth with a loss of normal role and spread to other body sites and resist treatment as in cancerous growth malignant
this neoplasm has the ability to spread other body sites and resort trat,etm as om cancerous growth malignant neoplasm
growths are refered to as___ which means swelling tumors
what neoplasm may destroy surrounding tissue malignant
this is a process which tumor cells spread from the primary site to a secondary site metastasis
diffusion to othr body cavities or circulation via blood and lymphatic channel metastasis
the body immune system is responsible for for recognizing and destroying malignant cells
substance that may weaken the immune system tumor cells and aging process
what cell is responsible for immunoseurveillance t cells
vocab: the immune systems recognition and destruciton of newly devep abnormal cells immunosurveilance
age,drugs,corticosteriods,poor nutrition,alchol,serious infection,disease process (neoplastic ivasion of one and lymph tissue) t cell suppressed function
vocab- invasion of bone amd lymph tissue neoplastic
what cell suppress rejection of transplanted organ, steroids and other drugs given t cells
loss of immunosurveillamce imcreases rosl for certain cancer