unit 1 2017 geography, colonies, French and Indian War

Question Answer
The Ohio River Valley is located by the: Great Lakes
Cuba is east of: Mexico
The Atlantic Ocean is on the: east coast of the United States
How many British colonies were there? 13
Who owned the American colonies? Britain
New Jersey, Delaware and New York are located in the: middle colonies
The Gulf of Mexico is located between: Florida and Mexico
In 1750 who owned most of North America? France and Spain
Was Florida an original British colony? No
Was Pennsylvania and Virginia original British colonies? yes
Was Ohio an original British colony? no
How did the French make their living? By hunting
Who were friends with the French in North America? Indians
Is Delaware south of New Hampshire? yes
What is the most important river in the United States? Mississippi
What is the nickname of the Mississippi River? Old man River
What crop did the Colonists farm in 1750? tobacco
Rivers were important to the French so that they could hunt: Beaver
The river that divides the United States is the Mississippi
Examples of southern colonies are: Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia
Cuba can best be described as a Communist country
The names of the Great Lakes are: Huron, Erie, Ontario, Michigan, Superior
Who owned Florida in 1750? Spain
Who owned Texas and California in 1750? Spain
The 13 colonies are located : on the east coast of America
Robert Frost was an American Poet
Frenchmen in Canada were mostly hunters
Good fences make: Good neighbors
The king of England after the French and Indian War was King George III
Who won the French and Indian War The British
Americans in the colonies were mostly farmers
Another word for colony is: state
The American colonist began to move west to grow tobacco
Lumber, ship building and fishing happened in New England
Tobacco, rice and indigo was grown in the south
Minerals such as iron can be found in the middle
After the French and Indian War, the western boundary of the United States was The Mississippi River
The area around the Great Lakes is called Ohio River Valley
Armies live on their stomachs
King George taxed the colonists because he could not afford to fight anymore wars
The Proclamation of 1763 stopped English settlers from going past the Appalachian Mountains
The message of the first political cartoon was union and unity
The animal drawn in the first political cartoon was a snake
What treaty ended the French and Indian War Treaty of Paris
The animal hunted by the French and Indians was the beaver
What did the French and Indians make out of beaver? hats
Who created the first political cartoon in America? Ben Franklin
The snake in the cartoon represents the colonies
The "M" in the cartoon is Maryland
The best words to explain "JOIN OR DIE" is Come together
Another name for the French and Indian War is the 7 years War
After the French and Indian War the French left North America
The way King George wanted to pay for the war was through taxes
The Stamp Act: Taxed newspapers, wills, documents
A writ of assistance is a warrant
Another word for an act law
The Sugar Act taxed coffee, wine, molasses
The colonists reaction to the kings taxes was anger
the act the made colonists give up their homes to soldiers was the quartering act
Who started the French and Indian War? George Washington
Why did Americans move west? to grow tobacco