History test #2

Question Answer
new england colonies had small farming producing… Wheat and Barley
in a township system land was given to how many people a group and divided among them
new england colonies went off of what system township
since new england colonies were not big on farming due to their conditions, what did they do to makd money Enterprise and ship building (fishermen and ships)
why did the new england colonies not rely heavily on farming for their source of money northern climates (cold) and not rich soil
why did new England's colonies need naval supplies build tools/materials to buuld ships and tools/materials for fishing such as nets
new England thought it was cheaper to ship what over what fnished good rather than raw material
why did new England ship finished goods instead of raw material cheaper in the long run
how many of the worlds ships were produced in New england 1/3
how many trees did it take to produce one ship around 2000
what colonies developed a commercial industry and grew very quickly New England Colonies
what group stopped paying as close attention to religion and started focusing on the outside world Puritans
at a certain point in time there were teenage girls who listened to surprising stories told by the witch named… Tituba
Tituba (and a few others) casted a spell on teenage girls and when they began to act weird the town diagnosed them as being… witches
how long did the period when evryone assumed everyone was witched happen ten months
which colonies included new york, Pennsylvania, Delaware,philidephia middle colonies
which system did the middle colonies use head right system
what did the middle colonies grow? and what was different from the farming capabilities between new England and middle colonies northern crops (wheat and barley) and southern soil/climate
what percentage was the colonial cities compared to the rest of the new world 10 Percent land/population
where we coastal cities developed on the coast, near water/river side
what were the colonies noticable class system Merchant (high)
crafts people and retailers (middle)
unskilled and boatmen (bottom)
problems with city life sanitation, plumbing, crime,and over crowded
why did the city people have more issues than the country people the cities were over crowded and country people were spread out
how are most of the city problems solved English method of responsibility (everyone does their part)
what was known as the "Hub of Society" Taverns
people went to taverns because… traveling was hard, especially at night. politics. religion. business. friends.
taverns were often regulated by the government because… it kept business good(good standards).
what were all black men (free or not) banned from in taverns alcohol
the enlightenment period was around the… 1700s
during the enlightenment british made their own identities because… ever growing societies/trends caused them to keep up
what was based on rational thoughts, scientific discovery, and individual freedom the enlightenment
the enlightenment wouldn't have happened without… education/knowledge
who created the blank slate john locke
define the blank slake theory evry child is born "empty" and their environment is what impacts who they become
who appenimized the enlightenment in America ben franklin
what did ben franklin publish news papers, a book named "poor Richards almanac"
which place is the hot spot for education (for the enlightenment) New England
what were the two reasons new England was the hotspot for education southern colonies land and north did not so north needed to learn how to make money within the township (city life) system. puritans needed education to learn how to read/understand the scriptures
what time period did the great awakening take place between 1730 and 1740
during the great awakening what did the puritans change their name too Congregationalist
during the great awakening what happened when the preachers decided to start controlling everything many lost faith, everything began to change, preachers moved to try to spread faith elsewhere
what was it called when the preachers began to try to spread the faith elsewhere during the great awakening circuit preaching
who is Johnathan Edwards preacher who used the fire/brimstone method to get people to have faith in religion (people were sinners laying in the hands of a pissed off God)
who inspired Johnathan Edwards George Whitefield
who is George Whitefield believed in Indian salvation, people had to be born again within the faith to truly be a christian (have personal experience)
who was a great significance towards the faith because they caused the first major movement within the entire nation which impacted almost everyone George Whitefield
in the 1600s the England government did not control strictly over… colonies
what changed with the ruling over colonies in new England in the 1600s the king decided one day to start interfering directly and indirectly over everything that was done
in the 1600s Britain saw the colonists as citizens but.. they did not have the same rights/treatment
during the time of the king taking control over the colonies the officials were in pleasure of… the citizens or the king the king (they were appointed not elected)
define mercantilism belief tat many aspects had to be regulated to get the greatest amount of profit
merchant money = power, so what if you wanted more money had to go somewhere else to get it
the negotiation act of 1651, what % of the crew to be English 50 %
what was the 1651 negotiation act required all goods going into England or colonies had to arrive on England ships and ships must have at least 50% English crew members
what was the 1660 negotiation act the crew had to be at least 75% English and products not made in the mother country had to be shipped only to England and other countries
what % of the crew had to be English according to the 1660 negotiation act 75%
what was the 1663 negotiation act any ship from Europe to america had to be stopped in Britain (England) and pay tax
the three negotiation acts were set to do what help the mother country despite what it may do to the colonies
who passed the three negotiation acts king Charles the 2nd
king charles created what to enforce the negotiation acts the lords of trade
what did the lords of trades have control over name of the colonial gov , driving force in collecting taxes
everyone was mad because of the tax rules but who was more angry than anyone else the puritans
why were the puritans so angry about the taxes placed taxed killed thoughts of the city upon a hill (whole reason they left for new world)
everyone paid taxes expect who massachusetts bay
massachusetts bay has a battle with the king over not paying taxes, the king wins and what happens king got rid of their gov (charter) and sets a new gov called dominion of new england
who was the governor of Dominion of New England Edmund Andros
James the 2nd becomes king after charles the 2nd and he supports who Edmund Andros
Edmund Andros and James the 2nd do what with the taxes spreads the taxes further throughout New England
what does Edmund and James the 2nd take over to piss off the puritan people they take over a church of the puritans to use as a church for their religion (anglaten services)
why is the glorious revolution called what it is and why is it so glorious gets rid of king james and replaces him with his daughter mary and her husband William the 3rd. there was not much fighting/killing so they called it glorious
why did king james 2nd make everyone made (puritans and not) he pissed puritans off by taking away one of their churches, he pissed everyone off by being a catholic ruling over an anglaten land
what religion was mary and her husband william the 3rd anglaten (just like the rest of the land)
after the transition of power (james 2nd and andros with his people got arrested) the old form of gov was brought back to evrywhere expect who massachusetts bay and plymouth (the become one)
mary and william 3rd rule over a limited monarchy which means… they get to rule as king and queen but their are set rules that they must follow while ruling
who wrote a treaty which said people had the rights to liberty, property, and light. if the gov tried to take these rights away they are said to be a bad gov and need to be replaced john locke
what powers do the governor have power and agenda of kings. veto legislation. but assembly held more power than gov
what power do the assembly have restrictions for voting. controlled budget by voting on taxes and spending. initiate legislation.
what were the restrictions of voting for the assembly property owners, members of the church
what power do the council have appoint to remove officials. command land/sea military. veto colonial legislation. grant pardon. anything it should be/is duty of gov
native american problems on the coastal regions the coastal regions were not as close causing the Indians to always be at war compared to the southern Indians
how did the English make the coastal Indians go against themselves divide and conquer
when the English decided to use the method of divide and conquer to keep the coastal Indians at war with each other, what did they have to insure didn't happen the Indians coming together to create a super power
what began King Philip's war john sassamon was killed and three natives were found trialed and found guilty then killed
who was king Philip the chef of the Wampanoags tribe, his Indian name was Metacomet
who wins the king Philips war the English. the Indians lose because they do not have the supplies to fight/win
what were the problems of the spanish controlled haphazardly, did not succeed like britian
what were the reasons that the Spanish were not successful focused too much on religion and not enough on economy, rarely sent women to the new world causing a decrease in population
who discovered the city of QueBec Champlain
what Indian tribe had hatred for the French Iroquois tribe
the french did not allow what religious group in their society Huguenots
in 1750 the English had how many people and the french had how many people English- 1.5 million, french- 80 thousand
who had the better relationship with the Indians between the french and English french
why did the french have a good relationship with all the native tribes aside from the Iroquois tribe didn't have as many people (meant less land used), did not want much land bc they just wanted trading posts
the french needed the Indians so they did what became accustom to their indian culture
both the french and English were big on converting the Indians into their religion but who handled the converting better french
why did the french do a better job at converting the Indians than the English did into their religion french brought in the Jesuit Influence (personal level), did not ask the Indians to leave their homes to convert (french lived among the Indians)
what does it mean when they say a war ended with status quo antebellum before war, nothing changed, remained the same
what is guerrilla warfare nontraditional attacking method (sniper type stuff)
which war consists of the Iroquois help the Britain vs the french with the help of whoever they can find (Indian wise) king Williams war
how does the king Williams war end Iroquois give in, British give up, end with antebellum
what is the other name for king Williams war war of the league of augsburg
what is the other name for queen Annes war war of Spanish succession
what is the other name for king Georges war war of Austrian succession
what is the other name for french and Indian war seven years war
how does Anne's war end ends in antebellum, with the exception of British getting nova Scotia and British got limited traded rights in Spanish Caribbean
what happens in Jenkins ear war Spanish official cuts off the ear of a British guy
which war leads to the king Georges war Jenkins ear war
how did the king George war end antebellum
who fought in the french and Indian war Britain and the help of Indian allies vs french and the help of Indian allies
why did the french and British fight in the seven years war both trying to become more powerful in america
George Washington was part of which side in the seven years war British side
during the seven years war what happened when George Washington was sent by Virginia government to survey land meet up with french troops, shots fired, but gets to leave (surrounded and surrender)
who created the Albany Plan Ben Franklin
what was the Albany Plan said we are one gov. it should have different segments like Indian affairs, tax rights, etc.
when was the albany plan passed by the colonies never
who did the English send oved that used the ole style of fighting in formations but french and idians use guerilla warfare to defeat him (French and indiAn war) general Edward Braddock
who was brought in by the French right after general edward braddock but did not do much better so was removed as well (french and indian war) general Louden
who does the French bring in to lead them to final Victory and fails as well because he tried to do away with native American allies(french and indian war) general Montcolm
Britain puts who in charge that takes charge,makes change, and lead them to victory( french and indian war) William Pitt
The treaty of Paris 1763 ended which war French and Indian war
how did the French and Indian war end? Not an antebellum. changed the u.s. territory completely.
what was the territory changes after the french and indian war France is ousted from N. America, spain loses Florida but got french lamd west of miss river, and british gained everything east of Missi river
after the French and Indian war British leave behind what about 10 thousand soldiers n the colonies
why did Europe not like that the British soldiers stayed in the colonies after the french and Indian war they were paying taxes to support this
define the Pontiac's Rebellion the native american revolt in the Ohio valley, they were trying to force the encroaching colonies (the British) back out
who won Pontiac's rebellion the British BC of an early development called biological warfare
what is biological warfare (first used during the Pontiac rebellion) British threw smallpox infested blankets over the wall of the Indian village, causing most to become sick
what was the proclamation of 1763 the colonies do not go past the Appalachian mountains
why did the British gov create the proclamation of 1763 they saw it as a barrier to avoid trouble with Indians
why did the colonies not like the proclamation of 1763 they felt as though they were being restricted and that it was going against self gov
England had many actions controlled by the king and his chief minister but the king fired and hired so many. Who did they bring in to keep the control stable George Grenville
why did George Grenville want to balance the taxes because the Englishmen were paying more than the american colonies
why did George Grenville find the customer service in bad condition smuggling was a huge problem (blaming people like John Hancock)
what does George Grenville create to keep smuggling down a naval court in Nova Scotia and enforces the old navigation acts as well as create a few new ones
what was the Molasses act of 1733 colonies had to pay tax on sugar
why was the Molasses act of 1733 made to try to reduce/stop french sugar from entering the colonies
explain the sugar act of 1764 cut the tax amount from the molasses act in half, hoping to get more legal trade
why was the sugar act of 1764 important it was the first time the parliament taxed the colonies alone rather than the whole empire
what other items were taxed other than sugar during the sugar act of 1764 wine, coffee, and indigo
explain the currency act of 1764 colonies were running low on money so they began printing their own
why didn't the English like the currency act it devalued the English money, after the Grenville removed it, it devalued the money even more
what is the stamp act all legal and printer documents had to have a stamp (everything)
what is the quartering act solders staying in the colonist homes, supply the British troops in the colonies with room and board
general English laws= no taxation without representation
what problem did the colonist have with George Grenvilles naval court it had no jury and the burden of proof was on the defendant
when Grenville was taken out of power who did the king bring in to be chief minister Marquis of Rockinham
Marquis of Rockinham and William Pitt issue what the declaratory act
what is the declaratory act parliament had the right to pass any law in regards to the colonies
Charles Townshend, the secretary of the treasury for England, passed what act the revenue act of 1767
explain the revenue act of 1767 put taxes on imported glass, paint, paper, and tea
what did the daughters of liberty do to show resistance (after the revenue act of 1767) silent resistance by boycotting British clothes and making them by hand
explain the boston massacre five people died and eight people injured after colonies begin to start throwing rocks and getting mad over troops staying in the colonies homes
after Charles townshen, the next treasurer is Lord North who repeals which act the revenue act of 1767 except getting rid of tax on tea
what did Lord North do that tipped the colonies to having the Boston tea party allowed the company to see directly to the colonies but the colonist still had to pay taxes
the English passed the Quebec act, which did what… gave the French Catholics land in the Ohio river valley
explain the Coercive Acts that the English gov passed shut down the port of Boston until it paid for tea, enacted a new/harsher quartering act, and gov officials would be tried in England
why did the English gov pass the Coercive Acts the Boston tea party really upset them
what did the colonist call the Coercive Acts the intolerable acts
explain the Suffolk resolves said the intolerable acts were void so the 1st continental congress placed their own economic sanctions on England
who passed the Suffolk Resovles the first continental congress
explain the continental association every town enforce a total boycott of British goods
once the continental association is placed, who does the British send over to keep things in order general Thomas Gage
what was the date that General Thomas Gage send troops to Lexington and Concord to arrest Samuel Adams and John
April 19, 1775
when Massachusetts militia gets prepared and waits for the British militia what does it lead to the shot herd around the world
the British move from Lexington to concord but do not get very far bc of Paul Revere so they return but what happens the entire trip back they are molested and attacked by american colonial militia
what year do the Americans officially gain their freedom (treaty) 1783
the second continental congress chose George Washington to lead the continental army because.. he has experience from French and Indian war, from Virginia, has money and will help pay for american revolution
who strikes at fort Ticonderoga and gain tons of weapons Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen
explain the Bunker's and Breed's Hill (battle of bunker's hill) Militia men from Boston go to Boston, Americans meet at breed's hill, British attack american forces, but Americans were short on ammunition causing them to loose
explain the olive branch petition loyal to king and if all of the bad acts (taxes and issues) are repealed, Americans will stop fighting
who won the battle of bunker's hill the British won but lost many soldiers (many died)
explain Canadian Offensive Americans decide to make an attack on Canada. 2 different attacks on Quebec but both fail
who wrote the book Common Sense Thomas paine
what kind of questions does Thomas Paine ask in his book Common Sense questions to make the readers think such as why does a tiny island control over 13 colonies, spoke to many Americans to get them involved
who drafted the declaration of independence Thomas Jefferson
the declaration of independence reasoned or explained what why the Americans were rebelling
what were patriots called wigs
what were loyalists called tories
most believed america could not beat the British in the american revolution because they were very powerful but the Americans eventually win because of what they break the British will to fight/win
aside from the american revolution being a war, what else did it do change social classes, changed political systems, and created a new sense of nationalism and self government
what state was a huge British military town new york
who goes to new York to defeat George Washington but does not deliver the final blow General William Howe and admiral Richard Howe
to uplift the american spirits, George Washington launches a surprise sneak attack where and when Trenton new jersey (Christmas night) and Princeton new jersey (new years )
the winter after George Washington gave his surprise attacks, what were the two problems that came about continental congress had little money and unable to pay the soldiers or buy supplies, smallpox and enlistment terms were hurting number of military
how does the continental congress fix the two issues during the winter agreement to be in military term for 3 years (will gain 20$ and 100 acres of land)
in 1777, the British want to isolate new England from the rest of the colonies with what a three prong attack (north,south, and west directions)
during the British three prong attack, who came from which direction general Howe (north), general Burgoyne (south), and Lt. st. Leger (west)
why did the British's three prong attack fail general Howe was too focused on capturing Philadelphia and general Burgoyne encounters bad trails with all his library books, silverware, mistresses
in October of 1777, Burgoyne surrendered Saratoga to who Benedict Arnold and Horatio gates
explain the treaty of alliance between america and french, treaty said they fight until freedom was won and both sides agreed to terms with England
other than america, which other country does France have an alliance with Spain
during the winter of 1777-1778, George Washington and his men stay where valley forge
what problems did George Washington and his men have during their time in valley forge low on morale, supplies, and bad sanitation
who is Baron Von Steuben and what does he do he is a Prussian officer. he trains and readies soldiers for war (George Washington army) after winter of 1777-1778
after general Howe resigns, who does George Washington fight Henry Clinton
who is George Rogers Clark led a group of frontier men out to the northwest and he is winning
General Cornwallis began to focus on the southern colonies because he thought there were many Tories in region and that they would help out. the south was more valuable to England because it produced all large cash crops