Sentences & Fig Lang

Question Answer
Simile Comparing two unlike things using like or as
Alliteration Same beginning sounds
Hyperbole Over exaggeration
Personification Describing non-human things using human qualities
Onomatopoeia Sound words
Interrogative asks a question, ends with a ?
Declarative makes a statement, ends with a .
Exclamatory shows excitement, ends with a !
Imperative gives a command, ends with a . or !
He was as courageous as a lion.
Her beauty is like a rose.
are examples of _________________
Grandma gave us gravy and grapes is an example of ____________. Alliteration
I've been waiting forever is an example of _________. Hyperbole
The mountains were swallowed by the heavy clouds is an example of ______. Personification
The bus zipped quickly by.
The bees are buzzing in the garden.
are examples of ______.
Will you go to the dance with me? is an example of a(n) ___________ sentence. Interrogative
Her purple dress is in the washing machine. Declarative
The house is on fire! Exclamatory
Take out the trash. Imperative
Metaphor comparing two unlike things without using like or as
Time is a thief is an example of __________. Metaphor