Elements Test Crovato/Richerson

Question Answer
What element in the oxygen group is needed in trace amounts in your diet? selenium
What is an element that is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust? aluminum
What two elements are used with other metals to lower their melting points? antimony and bismuth
Which non-meal is highly reactive? hydrogen
All ________ elements are radioactive. synthetic
Which alkaline earth metal is found in chlorophyll and enables plants to make food? magnesium
The only metal that is not a solid at room temperature is ________ mercury
In what type of bonding, are positively charged metallic ions surrounded by a cloud of electrons? metallic bonding
At room temperature most metals are ____ solid
Metals can be used as wire because they are ______ ductile
Copper, silver, and gold are ____ metals coinage
List 3 transition elements in Group 12 of the periodic table. mercury, zinc, cadmium
All _____ elements are not typically found on earth synthetic
Synthetic elements are found in which group? actinides
Elements that lie around the stair-step line of the periodic table are ____ metalloids
Which of the Group 3A elements is NOT a metal? boron
Which category of elements have the property of being malleable and ductile? metals
Each row in the periodic table ends with a _______ nobel gas
What element is not in the iron triad? coper
The most unreactive group of elements is the ________ noble gases
A group of elements that have 2 electrons in its outer energy level is the _________ alkaline earth metals
The bonding that occurs when positively charged ions are surrounded by a cloud of electrons is called ____ bonding metallic
The ability of metals to reflect light is referred to as ____ luster
An allotrope of carbon that is soft and can be used as a lubricant is ___ graphite
Different forms of the same element that have different properties because of different atom arrangements are called ______ allotropes
In what type of element does the nucleus break down and give off particles and energy? radioactive
An allotrope of carbon that is hard and is often used in jewelry is ____ diamond
Bromine is the only halogen and nonmetal that is normally a ___ liquid
The elements in Group 3 through 12 of the periodic table are the _________ transition elements
A synthetic element that is used in smoke detectors is _____ americium
The iron triad of transition metals includes what 3 elements? iron, zinc, and copper
When metals combine with nonmetals, the atoms of the metals tend to lose electrons, forming what type of bonds? ionic bonds
The process by which a solid changes directly to a gas without first becoming a liquid is called _____ sublimation
What often occur in nature as uncombined elements? transition elements
Substances that conduct an electric current only under certain conditions are most likely to be _____ metalloids
When hydrogen reacts with the active metals, how does it form a chemical bond? by gaining 1 electron
A chemical family whose members exist as reactive diatomic molecules in the gaseous phase is the ____ halogens
A family of elements that has 2 electrons in its outer energy level is the ________ alkaline earth metals
A family of elements that contains the most reactive metals is the _____ alkali metals
What happens when hydrogen reacts with active metals? it gains one electron
Why is hydrogen grouped with the alkali metals? because it has one electron in its outer energy level