Airline abbreviation

Question Answer
A/C Aircraft
AAP Aft attendant panel
ACM Additional crew member
ACP Area Call Panels
AED Automated external defibrillator
AIP Attendant indication panel
APU Auxillary power unit
ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program
AVA Available for reassignment
AFT The back of the aircraft (toward the tail)
Agent An employee who handles the ground phases of the flight
ATC Air traffic control
CDO Continuous duty overnight, a single Duty period That crosses over two days with a reduced rest requiring a day room "stand up"
CSI Cabin safety inspector
DHD Deadheading crew
DRP Awarded trip drop request
DOT Department of Transportation
ECAM Electronic centralized aircraft monitoring
EAAP Enhanced aft attendant panel
EFAP Enhanced forward attendant panel
EFAM Electronic flight attendant manual
EMK Emergency medical kit
EMR Emergency drop, trip drop approved by a in-flight manager in an emergency situation that does not qualify under existing benefits in the employee manual
ETA Estimated time of arrival
ETD estimated time of departure
FA Flight attendant
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAP Forward attendant panel
FO First officer wears three stripes on uniform
FWD Front of the aircraft (towards the nose)
FNR Funeral leave
GSC Ground security coordinator
ILS Instrument Landing system
IOE Initial operating experience
JRA Junior assignment, a crew member involuntarily placed on a duty assignment on a scheduled day off
LS (L/S) Late show
LSC Late sick call
LEO Law enforcement officer
MRT Manual release tool
MT (M/T) Missed trip
NTSB National transportation safety board
OJI On the job injury
PAX Passenger
PBE Protective breathing equipment
POB Portable oxygen bottle
POI Principal operations inspector
PSU Passenger Service Unit
RON Remain overnight
SK (SIC) Sick call
SMS Safety Management System
UMNR Unaccompanied minor
UTC Unable to contact
WCHR Wheelchair
WIL Willing to fly