Health 9A Post Test

Question Answer
What is the definition of a drug? A chemical substance other than food that when introduced into the body can cause physical, mental, emotional and behavioral changes in the user.
What are the 5 pharmacological revolutions? oral contraception (birth control pills), antibiotics, psychopharmacology (psychiatric medications), anesthesia and vaccines
What are the top risk factors for substance abuse? lots of school absences, self-medicating, friends use, role models use, cigarette use, use of alcohol at a young age (before 13) and genetics
What are the major ways that drugs enter the body? absorption, inhalation, ingestion and injection
What is the fastest way to get a drug into the body? IV (intravenous: into a vein)
What is the most dangerous way to get a drug into the body? IV (intravenous: into a vein)
What are the 5 psychoactive drug classifications? stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, inhalants and opiates
Which drug classification causes disorientation? inhalants
Which drug classification causes hallucinations? hallucinogens
Which drug classification decreases neurotransmission? depressants
Which drug classification decreases neurotransmission and also kills pain? opiates (opioids)
Which drug classification increases neurotransmisson? stimulants
What are some factors that can affect the way a person reacts to drugs? race, amount of the drug, what the drug is, age, weight, gender, tolerance, physical health status, mental state, expectations, etc.
What are some factors that do not affect the way a person reacts to drugs? height, blood type, hair color
What is the trade name given to a drug by the researching company? brand
What is the name given by the researching company to reflect the drug's chemical make up? generic
Taking a few extra ibuprofen pills for pain is an example what? drug misuse
Taking extra OTC cough medicine to get a buzz is an example of what? drug abuse
Which OTC pain relievers treat pain and fever? All 4 of them
Which OTC pain reliever (s) should never be given to children unless directed by a physician? aspirin
Which OTC pain reliever(s) reduces inflammation? aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium (all but acetaminophen)
Which drug increases dopamine levels 6 times more than any natural high? methamphetamines
Why do methamphetamines shut down dopamine receptor sites? Methamphetamines overload load them with too much dopamine.
Are methamphetamines expensive compared to other recreational drugs? NO
What does BAC stand for? blood alcohol content
It is illegal to drive at a BAC level of __________ or higher. .08
Is marijuana addictive? Yes
How is marijuana addictive? physically and psychologically