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Avoiding Discussing Half-hearted Interests in MBA Admission Essays Personal statement writing the guide

Getting an MBA degree can greatly help you climb up the ranks of the corporate ladder. With an MBA degree, more opportunities will be opened to you, and you can find yourself being offered with a salary that’s substantially higher than the one you currently have. Before you work your way towards getting that degree, though, you first have to make sure that you get accepted into the MBA school you wish to go to. One thing that you shouldn’t take for granted is your MBA admission essay. Writing your MBA essay will give you the chance to provide admission officers with a look into your life. Because of this, it is important for you to write about something you feel passionate about, rather than trying to impress your readers with an essay that discusses things you don’t have much interest in.

Writing your MBA entrance essay

If the school you’re applying to requires you to write an entrance essay that adheres to a certain topic, do so. There are many schools providing guide questions for essays, and you must keep in mind that you have to answer these questions. You should also pay attention to the word limit that is given. You don’t have to fill up space if you have no more left to write, and it would be good for you to convey what you mean to say in fewer words. You should also make sure that your essay is coherent, and that it is interesting and personal.

Discussing your interests in your MBA admission essay

You might think that a topic is important or that it should impress your readers. But you have to keep in mind that MBA admissions officers wouldn’t want to read about global warming or politics. They’d like to read about you, your interests, your dreams, your goals. They’d like to know more about the events in your life that made you want to earn an MBA degree. You might think that your passion for music is silly and irrelevant, but writing about it might make you more likable. Sure it might not be connected to a business, but writing about something you’re passionate about can increase your chances of getting accepted in an MBA school. If the guide questions ask you to write about your interests, make sure that you remain honest. When you’re writing about something you’re passionate about, your enthusiasm will leap off the page and admissions officers will see this. They will then know that you’re a person who’s enthusiastic about various things in your life and that you can easily translate this enthusiasm into a drive for pursuing an MBA degree.

The importance of creating a more personal MBA admission essay to increase your chances of passing the MBA admissions process

You can probably write about various issues regarding the problem that our society is facing today and what you’d like to do about it, but wouldn’t that be too impersonal? How about just writing about your dreams and goals and your potential for managerial success? You can also state your unique personal characteristics or life-altering events that led you to become the person you are now. These details will let admissions officers know more about you as a person, and it will give them an idea regarding how you deal with different situations thrown your way.

What to do to avoid discussing half-hearted interests and come up with a more personal MBA entrance essay

Many applicants make the mistake of writing about the wrong things in their MBA essay. You have to be careful not to follow in their footsteps by avoiding doing technical essays that, while showing your intellectual ability and writing skills, fail to reveal your side. It’s also important that you don’t do a long, idealistic essay regarding societal problems. Because seriously, you’re not out to get an MBA degree to save the world. Writing argumentative or manipulative essays on various controversial issues is also not the way to win the favor of admissions officers. You should also not fall into the trap of writing about all the obstacles you’ve dealt with in your life, unless of course if they explain your potential for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

What to write about in your MBA essay

It might be hard for you to think of things to write about when the school you’re applying to doesn’t give you guide questions. Well, you can write about the adversities you’ve faced in your life and how you were able to overcome them. Be careful that you don’t sound as if you’re appealing for sympathy. Keep your tone positive and confident. You should also write about your experience and qualifications, as well as your ability to effectively manage difficult professional situations. It would also be best if you can let your essay show that you possess admirable qualities such as creativity, maturity, independence, perseverance, strong personal ethics, honesty, passion, and good communication skills.

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